A Bikini a Day: Watson's Bay Pop-Up

Watson's Bay Hotel

We're kicking summer off right. Tash and Dev of A Bikini A Day are hosting their first pop up boutique in Sydney. We'll be with them at the beautiful Watson's Bay Hotel from 11am-3pm Friday and Saturday 11 & 12 November. 
RSVP at rsvp@abikiniaday.com | More details right here

BN People: Angie Pai

It’s both easier and harder to be an artist today than ever before. Instagram lets anyone display their craft before an audience of millions, but that same access has produced a crowded environment. Angie Pai knows that better than most. In her early 20s she’s already established a following across photography, canvas and textile. She spoke to Gani Moore about the random encounters, old memories and leaps of faith that she’s taken to break through.

When did you first discover your artistic skills?  I think I've always appreciated the freedom to do my own thing. Back at home in Taiwan, emphasis was placed on mathematics and academic subjects from very early on. 
I have this very vivid memory from when I was five. I was in kinder, and we were being tested on times tables. This memory must be so embedded into my brain because it stressed me out so much. I couldn't answer anything. I went home that day, completely distraught and scared to tell mum I'd answered none of the questions. But when I finally did, she laughed, and said (in Chinese) "It's okay, me too. I am so dumb at maths. But I'm good at drawing, and you are too! So don't worry”.  I think that was the first time someone told me I was artistically inclined, because I don't remember thinking anything of it before then - but then again, I was five. 

Art isn't all you've got on the go - there is also your clothing brand PAI. Can you tell us what inspired you to enter the world of textiles?
It was a total accident! The inspiration greatly came from my friend Adrian Bressanutti. 
I have a very short attention span, and always enjoyed experimenting with different mediums. 
I spent a long time embroidering on an old shirt one time, and old mate Adrian told me off for spending so long on such a sh*t shirt. This lead to us making a long sleeve together, and we were naive enough to jump straight into starting a label.

As another brand that grew in leaps and bounds, we can appreciate how intense that must have been. We can also see a kindred spirit in the design of PAI. Tell us about how that design translates into the finished product?
 We aspire to involve the element of tactility as far as we can take it. All garments feature handmade, hand-crocheted, hand-knitted, or hand-embroidered motifs, celebrating the human touch. Each piece takes persistence and patience to achieve. Because of this, production took ~literally~ forever to perfect. Looking back, we somehow did everything possible to make our lives hard but we’ve got no regrets. We weren't going to put anything out which we weren't 100% happy with, and we're both very proud of what we've created.  

We love the collaboration you did with Melbourne photographer Jordan Drysdale. How did this come about?  Again, it was totally by chance! I met Jordan in a designer store a few years ago, and he completely broke my glasses [Editor’s note: glasses always bring people together!]. We met up for coffee one day, and somehow ended up seeing each other every day for the next week. Not long after, we spontaneously went to Japan, then moved in together upon our return home. I guess it was only a matter of time before I crashed his photoshoots too. Jordan was one of the first to inspire my participation in creative projects. He comes home from London very soon, so keep an eye out for that ;) !!

So, what’s next for Angie?
 I'm very excited for some upcoming projects in January. I still very much need to get my stuff together, so might keep it under wraps for now.

Follow Angie on @angiepai
 or head to her website www.helloimpai.com
Angie wears the Joyce in Crystal

Spring Carnival Style : A Poor Man's Millions

We’ve spotted Jared Acquaro of cult menswear blog A Poor Man’s Millions (APMMillions to those in the know) pairing Bailey Nelsons with his immaculately tailored wardrobe from Milan to Sydney. On a sunny afternoon in Melbourne we sat down with Jared to discuss his philosophy of value: ‘knowledge is everything’, in light of the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival.

That ethos gave Jared his motivation to start the blog: ‘The inspiration behind A Poor Man’s Millions is educating oneself on personal style and needs... It all comes off personal experience and real scenarios, there is no forceful hard selling nor me selling something I don’t believe in for money’. That’s certainly a spirit that resonates with Bailey Nelson. In 2012, our founders launched Bailey Nelson at the Bondi markets, driven by the knowledge that it didn’t make sense to pay several times the price for quality specs just because of a chintzy logo. As Jared says, ‘It isn’t about doing things on the cheap but more spending your hard earned money more wisely, while looking a million dollars’.

For a day trackside, Jared’s advice is on point. ‘Don’t follow trends, just be yourself. Style is personal and about who you are’. For Jared, who mentions that he’s a qualified motor mechanic on top of his already impressive blogging CV, that means the Ward - a Bailey Nelson style inspired by the streamlined profile of 1970s European racing glasses are his favourite pair.

For those with different affinities, we’ve created a collection of timeless Spring Carnival frames. ‘There are many practical aspects to style, so start slow, learn on your own terms and just have fun with it’, says Jared.

You’d be a fool to bet against seeing Jared trackside in the near future, but his agenda goes way beyond the racing season even if, as he modestly says, Jared is ‘just moving slow and steady’. He’ll be back at Pitti Uomo, one of the most important international events for menswear in picturesque Florence, next year.

There will be more travel and some upcoming projects still under wraps. ‘Possibilities of a book too’, Jared suggests at the end of our conversation. ‘Nothing generic, like most menswear books, but something more about personal and practical experiences’. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Follow Jarred on @apmmillions or head to his website.
Jared wears the Ward in Black Yellow Demi
Photography by Gani Moore http://www.ganiphotography.com/

Spring Carnival Style : Shh Alex

With Spring Carnival on the horizon we couldn’t think of a better time to talk to some of Australia’s style gurus. Meet Alex, the incredibly talented ‘creative by night’ behind SHHALEX, a blog on all things inspiring.

Earlier this week Alex welcomed us into her home in Melbourne, which she shares with Meeka, her playful Sphynx cat. Alex's home is just as beautifully styled as her blog with cool greens, whites, browns and a wardrobe fit for any fashion enthusiast. It’s a neat fit for Alex’s Joyce, a classic Bailey Nelson style she wears in an understated Green Tortoiseshell colourway.

Alex has all the beauty tips and know how; we’re just grateful she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge. Thank us later. 

For those who haven’t seen her blog, Alex describes SHHALEX as a ‘creative outlet for my brain overspill’. Her inspiration ‘is anything that takes my fancy but mainly interiors and beauty’. From the polaroids dotted around her room to quartz and hardwood that brings the outdoors in, Alex truly lives her philosophy.

We’re keen to find out more about the new fashions for spring racing, but Alex has some sage advice. Always modest, Alex claims not to be ‘up to date with forward fashion’. For her, style is about ‘dressing how I feel on the day’. We’ve compiled a collection of race day favourites to help you out if, like us, how you feel is indecisive. 

Alex does have a feeling though that embroidery is making a comeback – we can’t tell whether she’s serious or not. ‘I ain’t mad about it’, she says. On the other hand, Alex rocks the Newton in black, one of our newest frames with a style that plays on the traditional brow line, pairing it with intricate metal detailing.

For those wanting to learn her craft, Alex recommends focus and dedication. ‘Set goals’, she says, ‘and know your audience. The best foundation for a blog is cohesion and setting goals for a specific audience will make that a breeze!’ We’ll make sure to take her advice – after all it comes from one of the best.

How could we not ask about Meeka, who seems to something of a muse for Alex. ‘Muse would be an understatement’ Alex laughs. ‘She is the absolute light of my life and the worst part is the lil’ rascal knows it! She is a Sphynx, so small and smoochable but the biggest distraction’. We ask what’s next for Alex, but she demurs that ‘a magician never reveals their secrets’. A magician perhaps, or a sphinx.

Follow Alex at @shhalex or head to her website.
Alex wears the Newton in Black

Photography by Gani Moore http://www.ganiphotography.com/

Meet The Team : Volume Eight

Name: Blake Dillon

Role: Store Manager  

Store: Edward Street, Brisbane CBD

How long have you been with Bailey Nelson: Almost two years.

What do you love about Bailey Nelson:  The story, the people and the excitement the customers have from visiting our stores and getting their new glasses. I never knew what to expect as I came from another optical retailer that was very corporate. Bailey Nelson has this boutique kind of style. I rocked up to the interview with sales questions as I’d been interviewing for ten years, but it was completely different. More like, “here’s something about me, what about you?” Once I found out that it was a people culture, I was interested. 

What was it like to stop being corporate and doing things like covering tattoos? It was hard to get out of being robotic. It was so weird not being in a uniform and actually just talking to people rather than covering steps and worrying about mystery shoppers and asking the same questions over and over again.

Who do you work with at Edward Street? Our optometrist, Renee. As well as Jack, Jess, Adam and Georgia. 

What is your favourite frame and why: The Harrison! it's a unique look. 

Most interesting customers:  So many to list! Lots of people have such interesting careers that we hear about each day.

Where are you from originally: Central Queensland

Spare time: Hiking and exploring south east Queensland, beers with friends, collecting tattoos and spending time with my chihuahua, Megatron. I've also discovered a new love for burlesque shows and theatre. 

Best Brisbane Bar/Restaurant:  The Gresham for the best cocktails and Miss Kay's for a burger hit. 

William Street Festival 2016

Sydneysiders, Paddington's William Street Festival is back and as always we'll be there!

It's our favourite day of the year and always brings back memories of our humble beginnings at the Bondi Markets. In fact, as a tip of the hat to our early days, we're bringing a beach theme to the streets of Paddington. 

On display you'll find our new summer sunglasses collection along with a selection of BN classics (brought back exclusively for the William St Festival). Stop by and say hi, we'll have an icy cold drink waiting for you!

See you this Saturday.

In celebration of our event, we've also created a playlist to help you get in the mood.




Our Sun Lenses

Our sunglasses aren’t just designed to look the part – they're a functional tool to protect one of the most vital organs; your eyes. 

You probably know that sunlight has harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but you may not know our eyes are ten times more sensitive to UV rays than our skin. 

UV rays penetrate various layers of the eye including the cornea, the crystalline lens and the back layer of the eye called the retina. With the ozone layer thinning over Australia and New Zealand as we speak, UV rays are reaching the tiny little structures of our eyes faster than we think.

And that’s why we choose top quality sun lenses for our entire range of sunglasses. Our entire collection of sunglasses feature "category 3" lenses (in simple terms, they absorb almost all the UV radiation travelling towards your eye). 

In addition to great UV protection, all our non-scripted sunglasses feature lenses with a polarised filter. Polarisation is achieved by embedding tiny vertically aligned crystals that cut out the type of glare you might experience near the ocean, by the river or when driving on a sunny day. Usually sold at an additional cost, our polarised lenses come standard with all non-scripted sunglasses.

A selection of our sunnies also come with mirror coatings, and whilst this gives them an edgy aesthetic, mirror coatings serve the added benefit of reducing even more light from entering the eye. Bonus!

If you're due for an eye test, our expert optometrists are available at every Bailey Nelson boutique. So pop in, book a test (you can also book online) and pick up a new pair of shades just in time for summer. 


Meet The Team : Volume Seven


Name: Harriet Merrony

Role: Store Manager 

Store: George Street, Sydney CBD

How long have you been with Bailey Nelson: I've been with BN since March 2014.  I started at the Paddington store with Josh and Sharon. 

What do you love about Bailey Nelson: The people, the product and the vibe!  The teams that we have at BN are just the most awesome dynamic bunch of people I have ever worked with.  The product, its incredible, beautiful and versatile.  Last but not least, the vibe of each store is so individual, it makes for a GREAT shopping experience :-)

Favourite Frame and Why: My favourite frame... hmm... that's hard as I have 20 pairs of BN's now!  Currently, my favourite would be the Bronte. 

Most Interesting Customers: I have a regular lady that comes in who is so obsessed with cats that she writes songs about them playing the Ukulele whilst meowing #legend

Where are you from originally: I'm from sunny Tenby which is in Wales, UK.  

Spare time: I volunteer with the State Emergency Services. So we help out when floods/storms. That takes up a lot of my spare time but when I'm not with the SES, I love to go sailing and enjoy long walks with my friends.  

Best Sydney Bar/Restaurant: Hmmm another tough one... There's an awesome bar called the Barber Shop, which is literally a Barbers Shop at the front but when you walk through to a secret door at the back, the bar appears! Its so cool!

Boutique Feature : Paddington

If you didn’t know already, 33 William Street, Paddington is home to Bailey Nelson’s very first (and arguably most iconic) boutique. Opening in 2012 shortly after our early success at the Bondi Markets, it features a unique storefront, taking the form of a traditional Australian terrace house.

The boutique is well-known for its customer service and comes with some of our most passionate and genuine team members - Optometrist Emily, Store Manager Paige, Assistant Manager Aiyana and Stylist Dom. “We are a community at Paddington and we really enjoy making friends with our local customers and neighbouring businesses,” Paige recently let us know. Whilst Emily found the most pleasing part was “Customers and patients of all backgrounds come to see us specifically for the intimate customer experience and professional Optometry service”.

The store is perfect for those that want to experience an original Bailey Nelson store and in particular for those that would prefer to avoid the busier shopping centres of the CBD or Bondi Junction. To get a slice of BN history, our team look forward to seeing you at the store soon (make sure you drop by Alimentari for lunch or an espresso afterwards).

Spring Summer 2016

“You look good you feel good, you feel good you play good, you play good they pay good, they pay good you live good”, or so says the straightforward quote we saved from a professional athletes twitter feed a few months back.

In the oft-serious world of glasses it’s easy to forget how much fun eyewear can be. But that’s the thing, optical frames and sunglasses have the ability to transform a look, outfit and mood — and that’s what our spring summer collection is all about.

Oh yeah, it’s also about waving goodbye to winter and celebrating summer in style. We are pleased to present our newest styles — all of which are hand crafted with a mix of classic and fresh Mazzucchelli acetates (keep an eye out for forest green and our custom made strawberry coral) and features a wide range of lens tints (e.g. rose gold mirrors, blue gradients and solid G15 greens).

Get ‘em while they’re hot.

Our first drop of the Spring Summer collection is available here

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