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With Spring Carnival on the horizon we couldn’t think of a better time to talk to some of Australia’s style gurus. Meet Alex, the incredibly talented ‘creative by night’ behind SHHALEX, a blog on all things inspiring.

Earlier this week Alex welcomed us into her home in Melbourne, which she shares with Meeka, her playful Sphynx cat. Alex's home is just as beautifully styled as her blog with cool greens, whites, browns and a wardrobe fit for any fashion enthusiast. It’s a neat fit for Alex’s Joyce, a classic Bailey Nelson style she wears in an understated Green Tortoiseshell colourway.

Alex has all the beauty tips and know how; we’re just grateful she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge. Thank us later. 

For those who haven’t seen her blog, Alex describes SHHALEX as a ‘creative outlet for my brain overspill’. Her inspiration ‘is anything that takes my fancy but mainly interiors and beauty’. From the polaroids dotted around her room to quartz and hardwood that brings the outdoors in, Alex truly lives her philosophy.

We’re keen to find out more about the new fashions for spring racing, but Alex has some sage advice. Always modest, Alex claims not to be ‘up to date with forward fashion’. For her, style is about ‘dressing how I feel on the day’. We’ve compiled a collection of race day favourites to help you out if, like us, how you feel is indecisive. 

Alex does have a feeling though that embroidery is making a comeback – we can’t tell whether she’s serious or not. ‘I ain’t mad about it’, she says. On the other hand, Alex rocks the Newton in black, one of our newest frames with a style that plays on the traditional brow line, pairing it with intricate metal detailing.

For those wanting to learn her craft, Alex recommends focus and dedication. ‘Set goals’, she says, ‘and know your audience. The best foundation for a blog is cohesion and setting goals for a specific audience will make that a breeze!’ We’ll make sure to take her advice – after all it comes from one of the best.

How could we not ask about Meeka, who seems to something of a muse for Alex. ‘Muse would be an understatement’ Alex laughs. ‘She is the absolute light of my life and the worst part is the lil’ rascal knows it! She is a Sphynx, so small and smoochable but the biggest distraction’. We ask what’s next for Alex, but she demurs that ‘a magician never reveals their secrets’. A magician perhaps, or a sphinx.

Follow Alex at @shhalex.
Alex wears the Newton in Black

Photography by Gani Moore http://www.ganiphotography.com/

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