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With stores closed due to COVID-19, we aren't currently taking eye test bookings.
We appreciate your understanding during this time and hope you take the utmost care of yourself and the community during this time.

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Comprehensive eye exams are bulk billed
to medicare card holders meaning there is no out
of pocket cost
to you.
Charges may apply if you are not covered under

Meet one of our friendly optometrists for a relaxed
20–30 minute appointment.

Here's how we do it.

We use a wide variety of things like pressure tests, eye dilations and OPTOS® scans to get the bigger picture on the health of your eyes.

OPTOS® allows us to see about 80% of your eyeball - and is complimentary with your eye test in participating stores.

Pupil dilating drops help optometrists widen the view of the pupils to more accurately assess the health of your eyes.

By blowing a small puff of air onto your eyes we can check for glaucoma, diabetes and other health issues.

Here’s what we can test for.

There are many eye health issues that we can test for so if you’re experiencing any symptoms (or even if you’re not), get in early while you can!

Hyperopia or long sightedness is where you can see things further away more clearly than things closer to you.

Myopia or short sightedness is where you can see things that are closer more clearly than things further away.

Vision loss is a very common symptom of most eye health issues like short or long sightedness.

Dry eyes are an eye condition that’s increasingly problematic in a screen-addicted age.

Astigmatism is where the eyeball isn’t a perfectly round shape which causes vision to be distorted.

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Book an eye test with one of our friendly optometrists
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